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See available downloadable literature below. These materials will keep you informed on nutrition, health, and ethics and effectiveness in research—and are especially useful in doctors' offices and at conferences.

Thank you for helping PCRM inform others on the benefits of vegan nutrition and ways to conduct ethical and more effective research.

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About PCRM
PCRM: Advocates for Ethical Standards in Research, Advocates for Preventive Medicine Through Good Nutrition 
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Nutrition Resources for Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals
Diabetes Nutrition Education Resources for Clinicians Brochure 
NutritionCME.org Postcard


General Nutrition
Vegetarian Starter Kit
Cooking without Eggs
Essential Fatty Acids
Food Power for Athletes
Food for Life Resources

The New Four Food Groups Handout or Poster
The Protein Myth

Vitamin B12: A Simple Solution

Nutrition for Kids: A "Get Healthy" Approach to Achieving Weight Goals
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Vegetarian Diets: Advantages for Children
Vegetarian Options for School Lunch Programs
Vegetarian Diets for Children: Right from the Start
Weight Control and Obesity Prevention in Children

Protecting Your Bones
Health Concerns About Dairy Products
Understanding Lactose Intolerance

Institutional Settings
Incorporating Vegetarian Meals on College Campuses
Vegetarian Options in the Workplace
Vegetarian Diets for Correctional Facilities
Vegetarian Options for School Lunch Programs

Spanish Language
Diabetes y La Dieta: Recetas para el Éxito
Guía de Iniciación una Dieta Vegetariana
La Comida Vegetariana: Poderosa para la Salud
La Presión Alta (Hipertensión)
Nutrición y Diabetes
El Manual del Sobreviviente: Una Alimentación Adecuada para Sobrevivir al Cáncer
Una Guia para Ayudar a Combatir el Cancer

General Health
Foods and Arthritis
Foodborne Illness
Mad Cow Disease
Migraines: A Natural Approach
Multiple Sclerosis: Treating MS with Diet
Soy and Your Health
Vegetarian Foods: Powerful for Health

Healthy Eating for Life: Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival
The Cancer Project: Nutrition and Prostate Health
The Cancer Project: The Roles of Exercise and Stress Management
Foods for Cancer Prevention
Women and Cancer: Opportunities for Prevention
Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk
Research on the Major Killers of Americans
Nutrition Rainbow Flier

Cardiovascular Disease
Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke—The Major Killers of Americans: Research and Prevention
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Diet and Diabetes: Recipe for Success 
Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for success (Indian Foods version)
Diet and Diabetes - Diabetes y La Dieta: Recetas para el Exito (Spanish Version)
Diabetes Nutrition Education Resources for Clinicians Brochure
Hypoglycemia and Diet

Women’s Health
Hormone Replacement: The Risk of HRT
Vegetarian Diets for Pregnancy
Menstrual Pain: Using Foods Against Menstrual Pain
A Natural Approach to Menopause

Weight Loss
A Guide to Healthy Weight Loss
The Truth About High-Protein Diets
Permanent Weight Control


Animal Experimentation Issues
Animal Care and Use Committees
Chimpanzees: Test Results That Don't Apply to Humans
The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act - A Cost Savings Imperative 
Dangerous Medicine: Examples of Animal-Based “Safety” Tests Gone Wrong
The Psychology of Abuse
Your Right to Know: Animal Experiments in Your Community
Problems Associated with Animal Experimentation

Ethics in Human Research
Concerns about Growth Hormone Experiments in Short Children
Human Experiments: Redrawing the Ethical Boundaries

Ethics in Medical Student Education
Ending Live Animal Laboratories: What You Can Do
American Medical Student Association Position

Ethics in Science Education
Conscientious Objection in the Classroom: Colleges and Universities
Conscientious Objection in the Classroom: Elementary and Secondary Schools
Dissection Alternatives
Cost Analysis of Dissection Versus Nonanimal Teaching Methods

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