Physicians: Tell Texas A&M to Stop Using Dogs in Muscular Dystrophy Experiments

At Texas A&M University, dogs are bred to have debilitating canine muscular dystrophy, used in invasive experiments, and then killed. This practice has been ongoing since 1981 without producing anything to cure human muscular dystrophy or significantly improve outcomes for children and young adults suffering from this disease.

We need physicians to speak up. Please sign this letter to Texas A&M leaders.


Michael Young, President
John Sharp, Chancellor
Texas A&M University

Dear Mr. Young and Mr. Sharp:

As a physician, I am writing to ask that Texas A&M University halt the breeding and use of dogs in muscular dystrophy experiments. As canine research has failed for decades to produce an effective treatment for patients suffering from this fatal disease, now is an opportune time for the board to insist that the university focus its resources on human-relevant research.

From birth, affected dogs cannot suckle and experience stunted growth. As the disease progresses, their muscles stiffen and contract, making normal movements and functions increasingly difficult. During experiments, dogs at Texas A&M undergo repeated surgeries to obtain tissue samples, have their muscles stretched and torn using mechanical devices, and are injected with various experimental drugs. At the end of the experiments, affected dogs die or are killed.

As university leadership, you are beholden to maintain quality research at your institution. Yet Texas A&M has been using money from federal grants and charities for canine muscular dystrophy experiments. These experiments have been ongoing for more than 35 years without producing anything to advance human health. In the meantime, children and young adults are dying from this disease.

Please put an end to these experiments and support human-relevant muscular dystrophy research.

Very truly yours,

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