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Tell Indiana University to stop using cats! Say NO to cruelty!

PCRM is asking all our compassionate supporters to take action immediately to save innocent cats at Indiana University from pain and suffering. 

Please, sign your name to the petition below.


Dean D. Craig Brater, M.D.,
Indiana University School of Medicine


Animal Use in Pediatrics Residency Program

Please replace the use of cats in your pediatrics residency program! I urge you to switch to superior, cruelty-free nonanimal education methods immediately before another animal is harmed for no good reason. As the dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine, the fate of these animals is in your hands. Please act wisely and compassionately.

PCRM is working hard to convince these schools to stop using cats, ferret, and rabbits—and start using cruelty-free training methods. I support their efforts whole-heartedly!

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