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Beagle Puppy

Dear PCRM supporter,

I am asking our supporters to help us stop cruel and unnecessary experiments on beagle puppies before they begin.

A federal agency in Taiwan (the Council of Agriculture) plans to inject puppies with the rabies virus even though experts agree that these experiments are unnecessary. The symptoms of rabies can include partial paralysis, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, painful muscle spasms, and death. We need to keep any animal from suffering like that.

Please call or e-mail the Taiwanese embassy in your country today and ask that they tell the Council of Agriculture to cancel the experiments on puppies. Even if you have already signed a petition about this, it is important to contact the embassy.

You can find the embassy in your country (and its phone number and e-mail address) here.

When you call or e-mail, here are some talking points:

  • I am calling/writing to ask that Taiwan's Council of Agriculture halt plans to expose beagle puppies to the rabies virus.
  • Experts already know that dogs can become infected with the new rabies strain.
  • Nonanimal laboratory procedures can determine how effective current rabies vaccines are.
  • Please tell the Council of Agriculture to cancel its plan to experiment on beagle puppies.

After you call or e-mail, please forward this message to your friends and family.

Obviously Taiwan is dealing with an outbreak of a new rabies strain, and measures should be taken to protect animals and people on the island. There is wide agreement that infecting puppies with rabies is completely unnecessary since we already know that dogs can be infected with the new strain. Yet Taiwan's Council of Agriculture still plans to move forward with the experiments despite criticism from international experts.

The Council of Agriculture should be working to determine whether current rabies vaccines are also protective against the new strain of the virus. Nonanimal laboratory procedures can address this issue quickly and without killing any animals.

With your help, we will stop these experiments before they begin.

Thank you for your support.


Dr. Neal Barnard Headshot

Dr. Neal Barnard Signature

Neal Barnard, M.D.
President, PCRM

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