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Food for Life News You Need | September 2012
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Question of the Month

Question: What’s really the risk of getting breast cancer again after treatment in overweight women? How does obesity effect ovarian cancer survival?




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Gluten-Free Menu

Sept. 13 is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! This month’s menu features colorful, wheat-free recipes for your enjoyment! View menu >> 

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PCRM's award-winning Food for Life program has much to offer, including a full range of nutrition and cooking classes. 
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Oct. 4-6, 2012—The Weekend that Will Change Your Life!

Kickstart Intensive

Join Dr. Neal Barnard and other nutrition experts at the Kickstart Intensive to learn about how a plant-based diet can work for you. Seating is limited, so register today! Visit our website >>

August Food for Life Training and Seminar a Success

Instructor Training

The August training certified 20 new, passionate, plant-powered members of the Food for Life family, bringing the total number of states represented to 36! Read more >>

Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Susan Lavelle

Susan Lavelle

With her background as a family nurse practitioner, Susan is well-versed in nutrition and teaching people how to best apply it in their lives.

Bottled Lightning: Food for Life Training

Food for Life

“…we all have an inextinguishable drive to educate as many people as possible about the enormous value a plant-based lifestyle can offer. We are all bottled lightning, knowing we cannot let this be our secret.” Read more about Heather Borders’ experience at last month’s Food for Life training here >>


Nutrition in Research

Red and Processed Meats Increase the Risk of Stroke

Red and processed meats increase the risk of stroke, according to a new meta-analysis published by the American Heart Association. Stroke risk increased 11 percent for each serving of red meat consumed as part of a person's daily diet, and 13 percent for each daily serving of processed meat. The study population included 329,495 people in Europe, Japan, and the United States. The likely explanations include meat's saturated fat, cholesterol, and heme iron, and the sodium and nitrites used to preserve and flavor processed meats.

Kaluza J, Wolk A, Larsson SC. Red meat consumption and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of prospective studies. Stroke. Published online July 31, 2012.



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Food for Life is an award-winning Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) program designed by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians that offers cancer, diabetes, and kids classes that focus on the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. Each class includes information about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote health, along with cooking demonstrations of simple and nutritious recipes that can be recreated easily at home. Learn more here >>

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