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Dear PCRM supporter,

Today we celebrate our nation’s independence, while hundreds of chimpanzees are still confined in laboratories. Recently I visited a group of fifteen chimpanzees in a laboratory in Rockville, Md., who are between two and seven years old and have been used in invasive experiments. I was shocked to see these youngsters in a laboratory away from their mothers, housed in pairs, some in solitary confinement, exhibiting a number of abnormal behaviors. Sadly it gets worse. Not only were these experiments unnecessary, but now Sarah, Dexter and their nine friends have been transferred to another laboratory in Louisiana.  A laboratory with an abysmal record of animal care, and the remaining four other chimpanzees could be moved there any day.

Please share the spirit of freedom today by signing this petition to ask the National Institutes of Health to intervene on their behalf and have them transferred to a sanctuary.

The director described it as a nursery. A nursery?  The youngsters were housed in pairs.  A pair of two year olds kept each other company.  Their mothers were not present. The seven year olds were housed alone in a building where they would never able to go outside, breathe fresh air or see the sun, let alone climb trees, be part of a family and be chimpanzees the way nature intended. In a chilling nod to institutionalization, all chimpanzees had been taught to extend a limb to be injected.

You can help free the Rockville 15 from a life warehoused in a laboratory by signing this petition.

We are all making a great difference to the lives of chimpanzees, and your action today, promoting their freedom, will help further the cause.

Thank you for your support.

Happy 4th,
Elizabeth Kucinich
Elizabeth Kucinich
Director of Public and Government Affairs


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